Dr. Nicole Conners will begin full-time practice in Listowel in November 2023

We are delighted to announce that Dr. Nicole Conners will begin full-time practice in Listowel in
November 2023. Dr. Conners will practice family medicine with the Listowel Clinic Family
Health Organization located in the Fisher Family Primary Care Centre as well as provide
inpatient and obstetrical services at the Listowel Memorial Hospital.
Dr. Conners obtained her medical degree at the University College Cork in Ireland and
completed Family Medicine residency training through McMaster’s DeGroote School of
Medicine, Waterloo Campus. Dr. Conners spent a portion of her residency training in Listowel
and we are thrilled to welcome her back as a third generation physician in Listowel following in
the legacy of her grandfather and great-grandfather. Dr. Conners and her husband Jon
Hunsberger look forward to returning to their hometown community. Please join us in
welcoming Dr. Conners to the North Perth/Listowel team!
Pending Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC) approval, Dr. Conners will assume
Dr. Westen’s remaining patients as a result of her retirement, as well as a portion of Dr.
Hayward’s high risk and randomly identified patients. Dr. Conners will not be accepting
additional patients at this time.
We are extremely mindful of the limited physician supply in our community, province and
county and are immensely engaged to increase healthcare access in our communities. 1 in 6
Ontarians are currently without a family doctor. If you find yourself without a family
practitioner, you are encouraged to contact Healthcare Connect 1-800-445-1822 or register
online https://hcc3.hcc.moh.gov.on.ca/HCCWeb/faces/layoutHCCHomePage.xhtml

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