Pre-Travel Consultation

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Travel Immunizations & Seasonal Influenza Administration. During the pre-travel consultation, patients will meet with our pharmacist to assess individual risk to determine if any vaccines, travel medicine, or other personal risk reduction strategies are suggested to lower the risk of acquiring any infectious diseases that may be present at the travel destination.
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Who is this program for?

Rostered patients of the clinic

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Where is this program located?

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Who leads this program?

Registered Pharmacist


Our pharmacist, trained through the International Society of Travel Medicine will conduct a risk assessment for each traveler, communicate risk by sharing information about potential health hazards, and manage risk by various means including giving immunizations, emphasizing to travelers the importance of taking prescribed malaria prophylaxis and other medications (and highlighting the risks of not taking them correctly), and educating travelers about steps they can take to address and minimize travel-associated risks.  Patients are requested to bring a detailed travel itinerary with them to the appointment so risk can be assessed at each location during travel.  Anyone travelling to a yellow fever endemic area will be referred to a travel clinic that offers yellow fever vaccine as this is not part of what is available in our pre-travel consultation.

How do I join?

If you are a rostered patient and in need of mental health/counselling supports please speak to your health care provider about a referral, or you may request this service on your own by calling in to the clinic.

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