Craving Change

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This program focuses on your struggle with unhealthy eating habits. Various tools are discussed to assists you with changing these habits and behaviours.
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Who is this program for?

Rostered patients who want to change their unhealthy eating habits

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Where is this program located?

Listowel, Wingham
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Who leads this program?

Registered Nurses
Registered Dietitians


Many people struggle with unhealthy eating habits and wonder why they can’t seem to change.  If this is your experience then come and join us for a four-session workshop series that is focused on helping you understand “why” you eat the way you do and provide you with the tools to change these troubling behaviours.  This material is offered through individual or group sessions and supported by Registered Nurses and Registered Dietitians.

How do I join?

If you are a rostered patient and in need of mental health/counselling supports please speak to your health care provider about a referral, or you may request this service on your own by calling in to the clinic.

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